Itaewon, located at the heart of Seoul, Korea, is an area known for international dishes. International culture of this area began with the establishment of the U.S. Army's military base during the Korean War and the Muslim temple located nearby. Because Korea is a very homogeneous country, Itaewon attracted foreigners and formed an international community. Also with imported goods form all over the world, it was once remarkable as a fashion district. However, due to crime rate and stereotypes of foreigners, Itaewon was perceived as a dangerous place for several years.


Itaewon revived with globalization. As Koreans sought to try unique food from other countries and the number of immigrants grew, the area expanded. Now Itaewon is one of  the most popular, crowded and loved part of Seoul, not only full of tourists but also full of immigrants and Koreans.

This was a graphic works for "Development of Multi-Ethnic Consumption Space and Regional Revitalization" - by Ji Hee Jung at Seoul National University. Using ArcGIS and Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop, I have mapped and graphically organized the changes, nationality and other factors of this area's business.

Development of Multi-Ethnic Consumption Space and Regional Revitalization


September 2014 - May 2015


ArcGIS / Photoshop /Illustrator / Map Design / Infographics